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Mt. Shasta | Part I

This Father's Day weekend was filled with family and adventure in Northern California surrounding the stunning views of Mt. Shasta.  

After years of cruising past Mt. Shasta on I-5 and marveling at its commanding presence while en route to destinations beyond, this was finally a chance to spend time in this unknown territory. As I had suspected, the landscape had much to offer in the form of beautiful lakes, mystical waterfalls and consistently epic views of the mountain itself. 

All-in-all, I believe Mt. Shasta is a not-so hidden gem in Northern California that has plenty to offer to those seeking an escape from the better known and increasingly popular destinations. I'm looking at you, Yosemite. Sure, it may not be on the same level, but you will still find yourself murmuring "wow" multiple times during your time there. 

And before I knew it, the long weekend of adventure was over and the call of our day jobs in real life coerced us back to our respective homes. Until next time Mt. Shasta. Until next time...